Ditch Lights

Since the last post, I’ve simply spent some time running and breaking in the re-powered CF-7 on my Downtown Spur layout.  I don’t know how long the donor Kato mechanism was sitting in the box (over a decade maybe?), but it has really smoothed out to be a silky smooth runner after logging some run […]

CF-7 Upgrade

  Adding A Kato Drive Train and Wow Decoder to an Athearn CF-7 Well, that was a process (or, in terms my less refined readers can understand…a major pain in the ass) but in the end entirely worth it.  The CF-7 now houses an upgraded Kato drive and TCS Wow decoder.  I’m happy.  Essentially the […]

A Little Bit of History

  I have to laugh when you watch those crime shows and they have somebody in the hot seat asking them where they were/what they were doing at 1pm six years ago.  I couldn’t tell you what I was doing at 1 pm last Wednesday!  From time to time people ask me about previous layouts, […]


My venture into making the palms entirely on my own from scratch seems to have worked.  I wasn’t sure going in if it would.  The trunks were made by taking a 1/4″ styrene rod, chucking it in a drill, and spinning it slowly while holding the sharp edge of a jeweler’s file against it as […]