Monthly archives: August, 2016

4780 Corona

One of the most important decisions related to structure building, and one you don’t hear much about, is the actual selection of the structure that should be modeled.  Masterfully building a structure that is an ill fit for your theme doesn’t get you anywhere.  Easier said than done as it’s more art than science in…

Removable Staging Cassette

Tom Klimoski just put together an excellent video tutorial on how he built a removable staging cassette for his Georgia Northeastern Layout.   Here’s the link:  

What the hell are you doing?

What the hell are you doing? The frequent questions about my LAJ layout, all well meaning and coming from long time ‘friends of the cause’, have been posed in the most delicate and diplomatic manner.  Translated into plain English however, they boil down to, “What the heck are you trying to accomplish with the layout…


I added a blog to my business website on creating curved fascias.  Here’s the link: There was an exceptional operations article in the Sept/Oct. issue of N Scale Railroading as part of their Railroading You Can Model series.  Professional rail Bill Edgar goes into detail  how a routine move on the Washington Eastern Gateway Railroad…

4780 Corona

Thanks to Mike C. for identifying the architectural style of the 4780 Corona structure  as “Streamline Moderne”.  For those with a love of architecture do a Google images search and you’ll be treated to some gorgeous examples of this style.