Monthly archives: March, 2016

Double Deck Layouts

Added blog on double deck layout design considerations at my business site. Click HERE.   Or, if that doesn’t work, cut and paste:

Photo Wallpaper

I added a section of photo wallpaper sample images for people to download in the How To section.

Downtown Spur Video

MR Video Plus just uploaded their video of The Downtown Spur.  You can view it HERE.

Preparing For The Day You Have A Layout

Wrote a post on preparing for the day you finally have a layout.  You can read it on my business site HERE. Or….cut and paste:  

Illustration Board Cores

The core for Modern Pattern and Foundry was made from illustration board.   Having depleted my supply of large styrene sheet material, I decided to try something different for my structure cores, illustration board.  An email to a friend that has been using the board for years confirmed that it is viable and doesn’t warp…