Monthly archives: March, 2016

Chain Link Fencing

It’s a common modeling problem. We’re trying to model something we see on the prototype and the only part available is grossly out of scale. The problem compounds if the part in question is something we see every day. Do we omit the part? Do we include the crude “soap carving” so we can say…

Layout Design Guidelines

I added a page of baseline layout design guidelines on my business site:


Added pavement for the area surrounding Modern Pattern and Foundry.  Much of this will be covered by the structure but a few alleys and parking areas will be visible.   Here’s the base image for anybody that wants to use it.

Easy Outs For Proto Freelancing

Looking back at my last four layouts, two have been purely prototype based, the other two proto-freelanced.  I can’t say one type offered more enjoyment over the other.  From a scene composition standpoint though, proto-freelanced projects such as the LAJ can be particularly challenging.  Left to our own imagination there is a general tendency to…