Hand Laid Track

Inconvenient truths.  These are things that we’d rather not be the case but are.  Philly cheese steaks with fried onion ring toppings aren’t good for you (don’t have to even look that one up) but we’d rather not know that. Fortunately our evolutionary development has granted us coping mechanisms such as rationalization and denial. One of the […]

Visiting the LAJ

The quality of images available on Google Streetview has reached the point that site visits become less necessary.  The one drawback though is that Streetview images are only taken from the street and the right of ways we want to document aren’t always visible.   I ended up with a spare day on a recent […]

Color Layers & Color Spectrum

It’s safe to say I’ll never be accused of being a cultured art critic.  That aside, in the last year I’ve had the chance to visit some of the more notable art museums on the east coast and attended a number of art festivals.  The difference in a painting done by one of history’s masters […]