Barrow’s Stamp

  Advancement in our hobby is driven by leadership.  In our case it seems to run in twenty year waves.  Somebody comes along, moves the needle, and we ride it for several decades.  As things begin to peter out, a new visionary comes along and the cycle repeats.  In the late 1970’s the triumvirate of […]

Instant On Layouts

Topic: Model Railroad Design Topic: Model Railroad Operations   East rail was an ‘instant on’ layout.  In the evening, after my family duties were met, I could grab an ice cold beer, hit the switch, and run.  This, sub-conscious ease of use,  encouraged an atmosphere where I was operating almost daily.   Is your layout […]

The Realism Hierarchy

In my October 26th blog, What We Want, How to Get It,  I brought forth the idea that one of the primary reasons we model is to re-create an emotional connection in miniature.  To be transported in such a way that meaningful emotions are triggered.  To this end, the more realistic we can make our […]