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Vehicle Colors

Here’s a good portrayal of common vehicle colors found on the road today.  Notice the preponderance of gray-silver-charcoal-black as well as white.  Note the mix of suv’s, sedans, mini-vans, and pick up trucks.

Corona Avenue

View of completed scene looking south towards the Corona Avenue grade crossing. This unique crossbuck, although just a block from the LAJ, actually belongs to BNSF.  Note the flattened pipe post.  Too interesting not to “borrow” for my layout!

4300 District Blvd. Final

The 4300 District Blvd. structure is now finished and also wraps up the structures on the LAJ layout.  Although, at this point, the layout would look complete to the casual visitor, there is still work to be done.  The next step is to go back and add details, do some blemish cleanup, and fine tune the…

LAJ 3/5/17

In my last post, I discussed some thoughts on scene composition and, as part of that write-up, the importance of non-descript “framing structures” to surround a focal point structure.   On my LAJ railroad, May-Vern Liquor is the focal point of the layout as you enter the room.  Just to the right of it is…

Scene Composition

  Scene composition, more than any other factor, telegraphs to the eye whether our work is believable or not.  It matters more than detail, more than construction neatness, and more than prototypical accuracy.  For our purposes, I’ll define scene composition as the elements we choose to incorporate, their size, shape, relative position, and spacing.  Since…