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LAJ 3/5/17

In my last post, I discussed some thoughts on scene composition and, as part of that write-up, the importance of non-descript “framing structures” to surround a focal point structure.   On my LAJ railroad, May-Vern Liquor is the focal point of the layout as you enter the room.  Just to the right of it is…

Scene Composition

  Scene composition, more than any other factor, telegraphs to the eye whether our work is believable or not.  It matters more than detail, more than construction neatness, and more than prototypical accuracy.  For our purposes, I’ll define scene composition as the elements we choose to incorporate, their size, shape, relative position, and spacing.  Since…

New Weathering Page

I’ve added a new page on weathering to the “How To” section.

May-Vern Liquor (Feb. 10)

All done!

May-Vern Liquor 4 February

Here’s the progress to date on Mal-Vern Liquor.  Note the prominent location at the entry way to the layout.  The core was fashioned from layers of styrene sheet.  You can see the photo laminate sheets I’ll use on the left.  Fluting for the awning was easily formed using Plastruct half round.