Category: Photography and Lighting

Domingo Photography

Here’s an “art shot” of the Domingo structure on the layout. Lighting consisted of a single tungsten photo flood about three feet to my left and pointed downward from about two feet above the layout. I used Helicon Focus for the depth of field. Most of the layout backdrop was photoshopped out and an image…

Miami Docks

Taking a cruise eastward down Miami’s River Drive towards downtown.  The docks are busy today.  It’s been awhile since I photographed the Downtown Spur so here’s some “proof of life” that it still exists and is going strong!

4300 District Blvd. – Front Entrance


Cuba Tropical Produce – Finished!

Just under the wire!  I finished up the Cuba Tropical Produce scene at 13th Avenue by years end….barely!  This structure, modeled as it appeared prior to 2008, has always been one of my favorites so it’s nice to finally have it wrapped up and on the layout. The box truck signage was made by taking…

Number 3 Crossing District Blvd.

My immersion in model railroading is largely a selfish pursuit.  I like getting compliments as much as the next person but my drive is primarily internal, a desire to create images that give me pleasure to look at, to create scenes that I enjoy operating, experiencing,  and interacting with.   As modelers we have an advantage…