My Latest Book is Now Available!

My latest book, Shortlines You Can Model, Vol. 1 is now available for purchase via Amazon.

Imagine a shortline set in a tropical city where English is the secondary language, and trackside voodoo rituals are commonplace.  Palm trees, oppressive humidity, a narrow ship-clogged canal, and one-story pastel-colored structures with peeling paint and murals complete the scene.

Now, take that background image and overlay an arrow-straight, mile-long, spur worked by an aging SW8 in peeling mint green paint running down an often flooded right-of-way to serve a handful of industries clinging to the banks of the river.

Welcome to The Swamp Rat, Miami’s short-lived and largely forgotten, shortline.

This richly photographed and engaging backstory serves as a plausible fiction theme for the freelance shortline modeler.   The journey starts with the backstory.  It then moves on to the design and construction strategies needed to bring it to life.

4 thoughts on “My Latest Book is Now Available!”

  • Ordered my copy this afternoon as soon as I saw your announcement. Will receive it on Monday. Good luck on future volumes. Any thoughts on a southwestern setting ?? Maybe with some thoughts on southwestern scenery without cartoon-like cactus / cacti ?? Best wishes, Kevin

  • Received mine today and was very pleased. You should start an online course on model railroading or videos on certain subjects in the hobby like college professors!

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