Industrial Park Grade Crossing Signage

Grade crossing signs within the confines of a private industrial park sometimes take on looks other than the tradition crossbucks. Shown above is one such example at the NEPW Logistics campus in Portland, ME which I’m currently modeling for a commercial customer. Here’s the artwork for those interested in making your own. I print the […]

A-1 Farmers Choice

A-1 Farmers Choice and International Freight was located on the far west end of the switchback. At the time I started rail fanning the line in ’06 it was still receiving cars on a fairly consistent basis. That tapered off and eventually dried up several years later. A decade ago I shot a similar version […]

11th Ave. Facing West

Some photo shoots fall together in an hour and give you the perfect ten as far as images go. Then there are those like the one above that you have to really fight with to get something even remotely useable. The problem with this shot was getting the lighting in position which, in the end, […]