11th Ave. Facing West

Some photo shoots fall together in an hour and give you the perfect ten as far as images go. Then there are those like the one above that you have to really fight with to get something even remotely useable. The problem with this shot was getting the lighting in position which, in the end, I was never able to do. I I had to use the room’s overhead fluorescents and a lot of photo editing. The two Trujillo tanks to the right are tight against the wall so I couldn’t light the white warehouse from that side with photo floods which is what the shot needed. Then there was the low ceiling and a benchwork footprint in this area that made it hard to get lights into the necessary position.

Some interesting things came out of the shoot though. I used my new iPhone 13 with the triple lens configuration. Note the depth of field without using Helicon Focus. This camera gets really “jittery” with shots such as this and the camera height won’t lock at the closer-to-the-ground shots I could get with the iPhone 6. I found though that if I point the 13 down at the ground it locks the focus tight on that. If you then tilt the camera up into position up it will hold the low level lens position for a second or two before “hopping” to a higher angle shot. Weird.