A Gondola for FP&T

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any rolling stock so I decided to do so in a way that added some local flavor. Ferrous Process and Trading (FP&T) is a scrap steel recycler and one of the larger industries on the layout. They have their own small fleet of gondolas with the odd reporting marks […]

Another Depth of Field Test

Although the camera wasn’t as good, one thing I liked about the iPhone 6s was that the single lens was located in a position that allowed very low angle photography. I loved that look. One drawback of the 13 Pro Max is that the triple lens configuration is much larger and it isn’t possible to […]

The Next Big Wave

I recently updated a test video on YouTube illustrating the vastly improved depth of field qualities of the latest smartphone generation. Several days ago I was doing an interview for Lionel Strang’s A Modeler’s Life podcast. During the course of the conversation he asked what I thought the “next big wave” of the hobby would […]

Miami Jai-Alai Jan. 14

Located on the roof above the entrance is, for lack of a better term, a “cupola like” structure with aesthetic arches running across the face. Aerial photos show the shape is a little more complicated than I first thought. It has a hip roof and the front face isn’t flat but has a portion that […]