Monthly archives: June, 2021

Three Simple Details

Painted rail markings are a quick and easy detail that adds realism and visual interest. There are a number of them adjacent to Sungas. They could be tied to a number of things: clearance points, components related to the grade crossing, or the point marking where the customer is responsible for taking over track maintenance….


Model railroading is a miniscule portion of the much larger universe of design in general.  Art, architecture, engineering, interior design, landscape design, etc. all fall under that umbrella. In the big boy world of design, the one where people and companies actually make their living at it, the process is driven by a foundation of…

Getting Things Done When You Have Limited Free Time

Depending on where we are in life, the amount of time we have available to devote to our hobby will vary.  Regardless of our circumstances at any particular moment, however, we all want to have the satisfaction of knowing that we are getting at least a few things accomplished.  That can be much easier said…