June in Miami

I was able to finish the bulk of the Sungas Services scene this month. All that remains are the crossing flashers and it’ll be done. This was the last of the remaining industries on the layout to be built out. There are still a lot of non-rail structures to be built though.

With the industry build out essentially finished, I needed to bolster my fleet of lpg cars. The Walthers cars are passable given that the flat black color hides any oversize details. The trucks and couplers on these cars are trash though and needed to be replaced with their Kadee counterparts. I’ve found that scale shelf couplers, while prototypical, are almost too prototypical in serving their intended purpose which is uncoupling cars. I packed a way the shelf style couplers and replaced them with standard long shanks.

High on the “to do” list this year is re-photographing the layout. I may start that as early as July.