National Cold Storage 9/14

The primary center structure of National Cold Storage is fairly straightforward to build being essentially an exercise in creating a sheet and strip styrene cube. I have to give some more thought to what I want to do with the shorter brick structures that flank it on each side. In the mock up it’s taking […]

How To Create an Image

Our hobby is a visual one. It’s hard to overemphasize the power the camera lens gives us in terms of allowing us to experience our work in a way that is simply impossible with the naked eye. The only limits are our own imagination. When we are lucky enough to hit the mark photographically, the […]

Port of Call

Built in 1953 the USS Carronade is a little too new for a WW2 era layout but it’s the perfect size and is at least plausible. At 1:170 Lindberg’s kit is pretty darn close to N scale. The most challenging part of the project was “waterlining” the hull so it would sit flat. The light […]