Layouts as Wall Art

As you walk through your living room, chances are that somewhere on the wall hangs something you enjoy looking at. It could be a painting, poster, sculpture, or photograph. Whatever it is, you liked it when you bought it, you liked it a year after you bought it, and to this day it gives you […]


If you want to get picky the LAJ isn’t technically in LA, it’s in a separate municipality just south of downtown called Vernon. I’d like to say I had the artistic forethought to pick a location for the LAJ that had a storied, textured past. Not so, I just go lucky. Seriously, how can you […]

Communicating the Emotion of Timelessness

  I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to articulate, either in writing or photographically, why I’m so drawn to  Allapattah (Miami), Hialeah (Miami) or Vernon (LA).  Time never seemed to move on in these places, seemingly locked permanently in the forties and fifties. Walking down 22nd Street in Miami or 48th Street in Vernon […]

Vehicle Colors

Here’s a good portrayal of common vehicle colors found on the road today.  Notice the preponderance of gray-silver-charcoal-black as well as white.  Note the mix of suv’s, sedans, mini-vans, and pick up trucks.

Flickr and New Links Page

Between photos, books, and videos my material is sort of scattered around.  I’ve added a new links tab to this site to help with navigation. I’ve also set up a Flickr account for photos.  Although there is a fair amount of overlap with this site the Flickr navigation is a little easier and I’ve used […]