Monthly archives: April, 2016

N Scale Tips

Added a post on optimizing performance of N scale equipment on my business blog HERE. or, if you’re browser doesn’t like that link, try this:

Artist Oils

    Interested in a technique that is both unbelievably simple and will totally transform your weathering efforts?  A technique that entails less than fifteen dollars for supplies that will last a decade?  Is there a catch?  Of course there is a catch!  The catch is that it involves doing something which is ingrained in…

Progress April 17

Made some progress over the weekend with the completion of the final track, ballast, and right of way detailing on the spur to Sweetener Products.  Modern Pattern and Foundry is to the left, Federal Cold Storage in the distance.

Layout Planning, Covering All of the Bases

Posted a blog on layout planning on my business site HERE.   Or if you prefer the URL:

Moving From Technician to Artist

When it comes to leisure pursuits, it’s not necessary to be particularly good at the activity in order for it to serve its purpose of being relaxing and enjoyable.  For example, I enjoy running, playing basketball, fishing, and surfing but have no delusions of being particularly competent at any of them.  Not only am I…