LAJ Lighting


“You can never be too rich, too thin,…….or have too many lumens” Wallis Simpson.

Coming up with a method of lighting the LAJ proved to be more challenging than expected. Since this was in a finished room, with decorative track lighting already in place, the biggest obstacle was coming up with something that would bath the layout in light and yet be unobtrusive enough as to not compete with the other fixture The way my home was built, installing recessed can lights wasn’t an option due to the difficulty in running the power feeds.  After literally months of head scratching, a trip to The Home Depot turned up the solution; high quality, ultra thin, high power, LED strips by Lithonia. I bet they sell these lights everywhere but because I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, I kept missing it! It’s amazing what they’re coming out with these days as far as lighting options go. Although light in weight, it’s an awkward size, so if you’re thinking of putting one of these in, I would recommend having help.  The specs. of these units are also pretty impressive:

  • They put out a whopping 3200 lumens per fixture!
  • Color temperature is a warm 3,000 degrees
  • Power consumption is a low 36 watts
  • They are “linkable” meaning you can string them end to end.
  • The design is very thin and clean making them suitable for living areas
  • They are surface mount and power is fed in via a plug in chord. Each unit also has an on/off switch