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The Book is Done!

More re-assurance that I’m not floating in the Miami River as some have assumed given my lack of postings recently. For the past several months I’ve been working on wrapping up my new book for Kalmbach, How To Design A Model Railroad. I’ve finished and submitted it. After taking a bit of breather, your regularly…

Domingo Produce March 23rd

There’s still tons more to do but I got the walls up this weekend so at least you can begin to see what it will look like.

Domingo Produce March 17

This week’s focus was completing more of the 13th Avenue/22nd Street intersection, feathering in the ballast at the grade crossing, and adding the asphalt apron between the sidewalk and foundation. The foundation was painted, weathered, and photo laminates and dock bumpers added to the dock face. A low angle shot of the dock face showing…

Domingo Produce March 10

With urban layouts, pavement areas take as more or more time than the structures themselves. Today was spent doing the photoshop work and installation of the rest of the 13th Avenue grade crossing. I also completed the foundation for the structure. I used 3/4″ pvc wood that my Dad planed down to 9/16″ to represent…

Bond Plumbing In Place

Bond Plumbing Supply as it looks in place on the Downtown Spur layout.