Alvarez Pallets

The eastern end of The Downtown Spur runs through a district of small produce related businesses. Especially in the mid-morning hours, you’ll see a hornet’s nest of forklifts buzzing in and out of them. Where you see produce companies you’ll find small business dealing in new and used pallets supplying them. Miguel Alvarez and Co. on 22nd Street was one of them.

My interest in railroading lies more in the rhythm and cadence of everyday existence than the overly dramatic. Part of that is the color and texture of weatherworn business that you walk by every day. When I composed this shot I wanted to see what I could do with lighting, especially as it hit the chain link fence in front. The photo was taken with my newly acquired, refurbished iPhone 6sPlus. I set a piece of quarter inch MDF on the layout surface to get the height that I wanted, took four shots, and combined them with Helicon Focus. Lighting was a single photo flood about four feet to my right and pointed downward at a forty-five degree angle. Finally, the sky was cropped in with Corel Knockout.