Another Ops. Tutorial Video

Due to popular demand I’ve just uploaded a second operations tutorial video. My goal in doing these is to encourage folks to run their layouts more often and give them at least some rough examples of how they might structure these solo sessions. I’d also like to soften some the negative stigma associated with operating sessions.

Solo sessions are easy and should be relaxing. It’s up to each individual how they want to structure things…which procedures to copy and which to ignore. It’s really about living the operations experience in miniature not playing a railroad version of chess. Take your time, chill, take pauses and visualize what’s happening on the ground. There is a systematic and measured flow to prototype switching. These guys do the same moves week in and week out. There isn’t time pressure. There “usually” isn’t much confusion as to what needs to be done. They know what’s ahead of them when they come into work and they just do it. If they run out of time, it’s handled the next shift.

2 thoughts on “Another Ops. Tutorial Video”

  • Lance I am glad to see you doing these ops session videos. Just moving two cars and replacing them with 2 cars, at realistic speeds, makes for a very relaxing session. No fast clock. No having to get off the mainline for a fast freight. Keep doing it.

  • Lance, I love the videos of your op sessions. They certainly put a different perspective on running/switching our trains. I hope to incorporate some of these ideas on my own 1925 narrow-gauge switching layout.

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