Dade Tomato

It only took me a decade to get around to it but the Dade Tomato structure is finally done. The base color layer is a photo laminate with additional photos “elevated” and layered on top to create relief. Details include: Shapeways security lights, Gold Medal Models security gate, scratch built dock bumpers, Atlas utility insulators, […]


An argument could be made that Jack DeLano was one of the most gifted photographers of all time. His work showcases the mind blowing, intangible, qualities of Kodachrome film. Library of Congress photo. (1940’s era) A recent publishing project has brought me back to the images of renowned photographer Jack DeLano. DeLano’s journey is a […]

Choosing Sky Background Photos

Cropping in a photo of an actual sky can create stunning results in terms of the appearance of the photos we take of our models….that is if you understand what your end game is going in. It’s easy to loose sight of that. I know I have in the past. With model photography we are […]

F & R Scaffolds

Back in 2010 I was walking down 22nd Street when I came across F&R Scaffolds next to Proveedora Jiron. I was drawn in by the faint ghost lettering of a previous business, Lobster Factory, barely noticeable under the paint. In this image I continue to try to work 1/87 human figures into the shot without […]