Brooklyn Terminal Tug

This weekend I wrapped up the last big project on the layout, the harbor tug. It was hard to pick which color scheme to go with given there are so many striking prototype options, the NY Dock and Erie being favorites. Now that I see the finished vessel on the layout going with the New […]

Dust Control

As I mentioned in my last post “if” I do an East Rail 2 it would be placed in the same location in my shop as the original. My biggest concern is dust control. It took awhile to find this photo but it shows my previous attempts to get a handle on things by draping […]

Brooklyn Terminal December 17

Work continues on the harbor tug. I learned the hard way that you need to take some time prepping a resin kit’s surface prior to painting. If you don’t, your hard work carefully applying a paint job will peel right off when you strip away the masking tape. I gave the parts a good soaking […]

An East Rail Reboot?

An idle mind is the devil’s playground. As I wrap up the Brooklyn Terminal layout I’ve been increasingly thinking about “what’s next”? I’ve found that if you don’t fight your thoughts, don’t worry about being pragmatic, and don’t overthink what you “should” do, the answer will eventually surface. To that end I’ve been increasingly thinking […]

Brooklyn Terminal December 11

The last major construction project on the Brooklyn Terminal is building a harbor tug. The Sylvan Models product is a nice, well designed kit that is fairly straightforward to build. The challenge will be coming up with a way of doing the pilot house windows and the handrails in a way that doesn’t look overly […]