Monthly archives: April, 2019

First Coast April 28

I was able to get most of the First Coast structure done this weekend. Still remaining are the loading platform to the right and the foreground pavement.

First Coast April 19

It’s nice having a layout that’s half to two thirds done. You have enough completed to run trains and convey your vision while at the same time you can throttle back and work on whatever project strikes your mood. Next on the drawing board is the First Coast of Miami complex. This week I finished…

First Coast of Miami

The late afternoon sun casts long shadows as you look west down 22nd Street at 13th Avenue in Miami. An appealing aspect of the area of Miami I’m modeling is the quiet, calm, melancholy atmosphere along the 22nd Street corridor. I particularly like the late afternoons when the shadows grow long and it takes on…

Domingo Produce Final

The installation of the corrugated roofing on the awning, along with a few more conduits, wraps up what was a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing project!

Domingo Photography

Here’s an “art shot” of the Domingo structure on the layout. Lighting consisted of a single tungsten photo flood about three feet to my left and pointed downward from about two feet above the layout. I used Helicon Focus for the depth of field. Most of the layout backdrop was photoshopped out and an image…