Domingo Produce Mar. 31

This weekend’s focus was on the structure face below the awning. The photo editing process left an overly uniform and smooth look to the coloring. In addition there is the ever present flat surface when dealing with photo laminates. I printed out a third image of the structure face, cut out the electrical boxes and columns, touched up the edges with a tan marker and stacked them on the existing surface. Conduits are added using styrene rod and spring wire. To induce additional chipping I firmly pressed pieces of duct tape on the surface and peeled it off. With techniques like this always, always test on a scrap first. To give a subtle mottled look to the yellow I lightly tapped a hint of beige chalk around the surface with q-tip (again, not without testing on a scrap first).

Rollup doors were fabricated from scrap aluminum tube. Note the signage on the cylinder from the decal scrap box. Don’t forget the door motor housings.