Monthly archives: February, 2019

Bond Plumbing In Place

Bond Plumbing Supply as it looks in place on the Downtown Spur layout.

Bond Plumbing Feb. 21

The Bond Plumbing Supply, quasi building flat is complete and “in the bag”. Very nondescript, it tucks into the corner of the Downtown Spur layout hardly drawing notice…..which was the goal. It also served the secondary purpose of kick starting me out of the builders slump we all go through.

Bond Plumbing Supply

We’ve all been there, the inevitable “rut” where you just can’t get motivated and have no momentum. In my case this frequently happens when there seems to be a fairly long laundry list of difficult projects standing in the way of any forward progress. Such is the case with the Brooklyn Terminal layout….hand laid turnouts,…

Earth Toned Static Grass, 2/4/19

The muddy, brownish gray, dead grass shown in this Tolga Erbora photo is one of the most common scenic features of what we do. Unfortunately, there is no commercially available product to represent it. The image above illustrates perfectly the brownish/gray tone I’ve been trying to replicate with my do-it-yourself static grass dying project. Finally,…