BT Warehouses October 21, 2018


One of the signature features of the Brooklyn warehouses is their prominent exterior elevator shafts.


I picked up some 1 x 1 dowels at the Home Depot, made a slight notch in the side of the kit, and glued the wood to the side with CA. I then wrapped the dowel in .060″ styrene.


Finally, I trimmed the sides of the shafts with styrene strip and laminated on sheets of brick sheets. Since the sheets are so thin, I didn’t want to use an aggressive, solvent based adhesive. Instead, I sprayed the backs with Super77, added a few specks of thin CA for good measure, and then pressed them in place on top of the .060″ styrene. Since the warehouses themselves will be painted a light gray I wanted to use brick for the shaft sides to add color contrast.