An Intermountain Upgrade

One advantage of the Intermountain freight cars is that they feature stand off details such as ladders and grabs.  The downside is that these details are grossly over-sized.  I spent the weekend puttering around to see what upgrades might improve the look.  I operate on the philosophy that no detail is better than a bad detail.  With that in mind I shaved the roofwalk grabs off and left it at that.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of time trying to fashion something thinner.  Blma makes some nice etched ladders and stirrups so I pried the stock ones off and replaced them with the etchings.  The IM trucks were replaced with much finer scaled products from BLMA.  Although not noticeable from this angle, a lot of the underbody rigging was oversize so I just cut those pieces out, pitched them, and left them off.  The side grab irons are .010″ phosphor bronze.