Monthly archives: May, 2018

Brooklyn Terminal: May 11th

A little photographic experimentation with mock ups as I start to gain momentum with the Brooklyn Terminal layout…… Boxcars are Micro Trains, the switcher is by Model Power, and the structures are DPM.

N Scale Rolling Stock Strategy

We’d all like to have our cake and eat it too but, unfortunately, life rarely pans out that way.  An N scaler has the enormous advantage of being able to have a rather significant railroad virtually in their hip pocket.  The small size also opens up the ability to have much more realistic scene composition…

Brooklyn Terminal ProRail Ops

  ProRail, the national operations convention, is now in the bag. I was a little surprised how drawn the attendees were to running the BT layout.  For the most part it ran well although some minor track tuning issues cropped up.  Approaches to this entire “operations” thing varies from person to person and layout host to…