4300 District Blvd. Final

The 4300 District Blvd. structure is now finished and also wraps up the structures on the LAJ layout.  Although, at this point, the layout would look complete to the casual visitor, there is still work to be done.  The next step is to go back and add details, do some blemish cleanup, and fine tune the rolling stock.  The structure itself was built using traditional styrene methods with the exception of the windows and doors which are photographs.  The core was first given a base coat of Rustoleum Light Gray Primer.  I then followed up with an overall spray of Model Master “Light Gray” applied with an airbrush.  There is slightly darker gray lower band under the windows. The exact color label escapes memory at this point.  The chipping was accomplished by applying a film of Mr. Thinner to the surface and “pecking” the surface with a soft wood block.  I did find that this process is more difficult if your base coat of paint has cured for a day or two.  Live and learn.  Next time around I’ll do the chipping withing a few hours of the base application.  I didn’t find it necessary to apply an ink wash to the face of the building but did do so on the back.  I’ve made a point of fully detailing the back (rail) side of all of the structures.  Although not visible from aisles they would be in photographs and I want to see what I can do working a small camera into the “canyon” behind the structures.