Monthly archives: December, 2016

New Gallery Images

I’ve gone back and added ten images to the Downtown Spur photo gallery, including Paul Dolkos’ centerspread image from the 2013 MR article.  Added a few more images to the East Rail gallery also.

CF-7 Finished!

Wrapped up my CF-7 project…..finally!  

Double Tracking, Pros and Cons

On my business layout design blog I just posted a piece on the pros and cons of double tracking.  You can read it HERE.

New Chain Link Fence Supplier

Following the sale to Atlas, BLMA’s outstanding chain link fence etchings have become as rare as hen’s teeth.  I was concerned where we modern era industrial modelers would find this necessary staple. Fortunately, Alkem Scale Models has stepped in to fill the void.  At last Sunday’s Holiday gathering Bernie Kempinski of Alkem came by and showed…

LAJ 12/7/16

At the corner of Corona Avenue, I had roughly a six-inch gap to fill between the street and the primary industry on that block.  I didn’t want anything too over the top and something that blended into the neighboring structure.  For the side with the tagging on it, I used an image from my trip to…