October 29, 2016

Palm frond production in process!


It’s been a week of fine tuning on the LAJ.   Micro Engineering currently has the market on the most prototypical looking turnouts.  They are prone to electrical dead spots though.  Tam Valley frog juicers, absolutely ingenious devices, quickly solved that problem.  I also had some gremlins in the track around one of the grade crossings that occasionally dumped cars in the dirt.  Some work with a file fixed that.  With my new CF-7’s in hand, it was time to do a little CV tuning to smooth things out.  Nothing major, just Vstart and a hair of acceleration and deceleration.

Given that this is LA, I really need palms to put the geographical stamp on things.  Unfortunately, the one source of craftsman palm kits has become somewhat inconsistent in their supply process.  Having totally lost patience with that route, I decided to make my own on my Blackcat cutter.