The Tree


Without making a weeklong project out of it, I wanted to put a little effort into the twenty-foot tall tree at the edge of the MP&F lot.


  • Using the above prototype photo as a guide I selected a few SuperTrees armatures and pruned them to the approximate shape.  I glued them together at the base with thick CA.
  • Spray painted the armature with mists of Rustoleum “Satin Stone Gray” and Krylon “Satin Khaki”
  • Applied a dilute wash of acrylic Burnt Umber and India Ink/alcohol.
  • Holding the armature horizontally and slowly spinning it, I gave it very light dusting of Woodland Scenics Blended Turf ground foam
  • Followed up with a very light dusting of ground up dead leaves
  • Sealed with dilute matte medium