Family Friendly Layouts

Simple steps can make the layout much more palatable to the rest of the family and make them more receptive to having it in the house. A clean Pullman green fascia, absence of clutter and junk, nice shelves, and not having tools scattered about are inexpensive ways to make the model railroad more family friendly. […]

The Rule of Three Tries

There has been a good thread on the Model Railroader Forum about the use of the Alclad 2 metalizer paints.  For those that aren’t familiar with them, Alclad paints lay down a surface  that is amazingly close to true metallic.  Like everybody else, I suffer from inertia when it comes to teaching myself new skills.  […]

A New Day

For a number of years, perhaps five or ten, the hobby has slowly drifted to a state of hazy stagnation.  There is no air of excitement or buzz.   Fewer are charging to their basements on the weekends and nobody on the outside is clamoring to get in.  They aren’t clamoring to get in because there […]