My Scenery Book Is Out!

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Finally… scenery book is finished and live on Amazon! I would describe it as a niche book targeted to two readerships, myself and my blog readers. Many thanks to Tom Klimoski for his editing efforts.

No matter how much experience we have, we all have the capacity to improve, myself included. A big part of my motivation for writing this book was to document my own personal R&D effort to improve my scenery efforts. So, to an extent it’s a notebook to myself.

I’m not sure I like the phase “serious modeler”. Model railroading is recreation after all. Let’s go with the phrase, “modelers that like to dig deeper into their efforts”. This book isn’t directed so much towards the general public as it is to my friends and readers who I correspond with week in and week out. As I worked on it, I imagined sitting down over a coffee or beer and outlining ideas, thoughts, and concepts that might help them in their modeling journey.