Book Addendum

The Terminal Corporation. Baltimore. May 5, 2023.

For those that just purchased my new Switching Layout Book…..

Murphy’s law of publishing 107a reads….”The week after you publish a book, you’ll find a better photo to illustrate a key point. It’s never the week BEFORE. That’s the law”. On the Canton Railroad design in the book, one of the key industries is The Terminal Corporation (top of the drawing), a car spot dependent logistics warehouse. At the bottom of page 33 is photo of it on a day with no cars. Well, driving by today, there it was with three reefers spotted in front of it. I knew they took reefers but didn’t realize it was that many at once. At any rate, if you have the book, do the old right click/save to capture the image above, print it out, and put it in your book.

In case you’re wondering, Murphy’s Law of publishing 107b reads, “Whenever you take a prized shot on a cloudy day, the moment you get on the interstate heading home the sun comes out” 🙁