Miami Jai-Alai Finished!

Whew, this was a “project” but it’s finally done. Some lessons learned….First, unconventional subjects require unconventional, and more modern, tools and techniques. It would have been impossible to get this done without using the photo laminate technique and a craft cutter (a tool I appreciate more and more with each passing year). From past mistakes I’ve learned how crucial it is to have robust bracing when building large structures. I’ve learned the value of site visits to give you an understanding of what buildings are always on the horizon as you walk around the area you’re modeling. When on site, I’ve needed to train myself to get away from 3/4 view roster shots and get more images taken at dead on, ninety degree angles. Finally, the medical evidence continues to mount as to the detrimental impact screen time has on our ability to focus and concentrate. Putting measures in place to keep my screen time in check at a relatively low level seems to help in terms of getting more work sessions in and being more productive when I have them.