Miami Jai-Alai February 22

Things are finally taking shape to the point where you can see what the structure’s purpose is. This week I applied the front side photo laminates, completed the glass staircase, and fabricated the large billboard logo on top. If you’ve ever tried working with individual letters (decals, etc.) you know how unforgiving the eye is […]

Miami Jai-Alai February 17

Bing Birdseye view of the prototype roof. Next up is painting the roof. Although it’s not that time consuming to deal with, it does need to be done carefully simply because of the large amount of surface area involved and how visible it is. First, I painted the entire surface area with Rustoleum Light Gray […]

Miami Jai-Alai February 6

Work this week centered on getting a flat and firm base for the model and working on the bottom lip of the structure so it sat on the base with no visible gaps. The base itself is a sheet of .093″ acrylic (the shiny black area in the photo) picked up from The Home Depot. […]