July in Miami

Adding the grade crossing signals at 30th Avenue wraps up the Sungas scene, which is the main thing I wanted to get done in 2021. This was the last remaining industry to be modeled although I still have a ton of non-rail structures to do.

As time permits, I’ve been doubling back and looking for previous models that would benefit from repairs, upgrades, or replacement. I was never satisfied with the paint job on Pan Am Frozen Foods so I went back this month and did a partial re-paint.

One of my major goals for this year is to go back and re-photograph a number of scenes on the layout. I started that process this month. Along those lines I’ve removed the photo galleries from this site and moved everything over to my Flickr page which you can view HERE.

The Downtown Spur Album specifically can be viewed HERE. I added three new images this past week.