Sun Gas Fencing

One of the more challenging aspects of modeling Sun Gas is dealing with the fencing that surrounds the compound. By nature chain link fencing is very light and airy and difficult to scale down to model proportions. Here’s a few tips I’ve come up with over the years.

-Use a high quality photo etched product that is already steel colored. If you go with anything that needs to be painted you’ll have to add a layer of paint which makes an already oversize part, even more so after the paint is applied. I use Alkem Scale models fencing.

-Add fence posts but keep them thin. I use the .020″ spring wire that comes with Tortoise switch machines

-Carefully dull down the sheen. Very lightly apply Dullcote in a few passes. If you apply it too thickly it’ll clog up the mesh. Next, airbrush on a an India Ink/alcohol wash to further dull things.