Brooklyn Terminal Nov. 26

Work progresses on the last structure for the BT layout. For lack of a better term I call it the “Tunnel Building”. I’m using Walther’s George Roberts Printing as the basis and then kitbashing from there. One of the primary areas to pay attention to was the size and location of the opening to make […]

The Rolling Stock Fleet

I wouldn’t classify myself as a “rolling stock guy”, at least not to the extent of my friends. It’s interesting to me, I know the difference between an X29 and PS-1, but I view the fleet essentially as rolling scenery. My focus is on plausibility not rivet by rivet accuracy. When I look at a […]

Idler Cars

Idler cars are used in car float operations as a “handle”. In other words it’s a way for the locomotive to grab cars from the float without actually going on to it. As I repaint and repurpose freight cars from my old N scale layout I came across the old gondola shown above. It was […]

Weighty Issues

Although it’s an exceptionally smooth runner, my Model Power switcher has been plagued by maddening stuttering and pick up problems. After literally years of head scratching the issue appears to be related to something in the axle needle point tip and cup it resides in. Piling lead weight on the tender improved performance tremendously. The […]