Brooklyn Terminal Power

Armed with custom decals from Bill Brillinger, I painted and weathered a Kato NW2 in Brooklyn Terminal livery. Inspiration was taken from photos of NP and Detroit terminal switchers both of which showed a pretty heavy light sand colored weathering pattern. I took advantage of the fact that putting rubbing alcohol over Dullcote produces a […]

A Few Details

The challenge in adding lineside details to a layout is that, if not handled carefully, they have a tendency to look contrived. To get around this I’ll study prototype photos of scene similar to what I’m working with and just copy what I see. Case in point being the large grassy areas near the yard […]

Brooklyn Terminal Oct. 3

Having the book for Kalmbach done frees up a lot of time for modeling. This week’s projects involved two structures along First Avenue. The one shown above I call the “fire escape building”. I wanted the sculpture effect of the escapes as you look lengthwise down the street. The building itself is a kitbash of […]

Brooklyn Terminal Oct. 1

Bush Terminal’s run down 1st Avenue was characterized by one and two store low rise industries paralleling the main running down the street. Spurs would diverge and curve sharply to serve the businesses which typically had curved sides to match the shape of the track. I’ll need four of these buildings. One down, a second […]