Brooklyn Terminal July 30

Last weekend the focus was on assembling the Sylvan car float and pontoon style float bridge. Volume 2 of the Flagg books really came in handy. One of the advantages of modeling a NY harbor theme is that there is so much information out there and so many selfless people willing to share it.

National Cold Storage

For some reason I never keyed in on the above Conrad Milster photo in the Flagg book. When I finally noticed the shot, it solved one of the remaining compositional issues with the Brooklyn Terminal. Specifically, what to place in the vacant space next to the three warehouses. The National Cold Storage complex fills the […]

Brooklyn Terminal July 21

Referring to the slow volume of blog posts lately, a number of concerned readers have expressed concern that I’m floating in the East River or have taken up slot cars as a new hobby. No worries, all is well. I’ve actually been putting in a lot of build time on the Brooklyn Terminal layout. However, […]

Brooklyn Terminal June 30

The code 40 turnouts leading into the yard and those making up the yard ladder are now in place. Not visible beneath the bench work are the switch machines and frog juicers. The track at the top of the photo is temporary Peco which I’m gradually replacing with hand laid code 40.