Belgian Block Streets

One of the most distinctive and iconic features of WW2 New York was the ubiquitous Belgian Block roadways.  The question becomes how to effectively model them.  Even my HO scale counterparts bemoan how difficult they are to represent.  Cast plaster is a major challenge and a method where it’s hard to control the results  There […]

National Linen Supply – Pt. 3

….and here we have the completed structure.  Stand off details include downspouts, lamps, dock bumpers and open window panes.     The coloring of the DPM sides encompassed a number of dry brushed layers.  First was mortar, followed by dry brushing on a brick color.  After that I dry brushed on a mix of brown […]

National Lines Supply – Pt. 2

This structure will be a combination of traditional kit components (DPM for the sides) and photo laminates on the front and back.  The photo laminates were needed as an effective way of handling the signage.  The .060″ styrene you see for the roof and ends tends to de-stabilize and warp over time.  To combat this […]

National Linen Supply

Looking at the BT track plan I’m going to start construction in the area that appears in the upper right of the track plan drawing.  Next up is National Linen Supply across the street from the freight station.  The challenge in capturing the feel of WW2 era structures is how to handle the signage.  Printing […]