Supporting the Layout

For a variety of reasons, the handling of the BT bench work support was critical to the  look of the layout and overall gallery space.  It deserved a lot of thought.  Traditional legs, no matter how professionally assembled, would look spindly, spidery, and amateurish.  A “curtain wall” under the layout would add visual mass and I’m trying to go in the other direction, minimize it’s size.  In addition, decent looking curtains aren’t cheap and are dust magnets.  The  solution I ultimately decided on was to use three pedestals similar to what you’d see in sculpture gallery.  They were painted semi-gloss black to minimize their size (flat black is also a dust magnet).   No matter how much planning you do, how many preliminary sketches you make, you can never be sure if you’re idea will work or not until you see it executed in front of you.  In this case, thankfully, the pillars have accomplished what I had hoped.