Rotary Beacon

In looking at videos of CF-7’s in action on the LAJ, the rotary beacons on the cab roof are very noticeable.  The filament headlights in my loco had already started burning out so it was time to replace them with LED’s, a project I’d been putting off.  Time to bite the bullet and get it done.  Since I was already going to have the shell off, now was a time to add the rotary beacon effect.  The challenge of these micro lighting projects is wire management.  There are just so many hair-thin wires to keep track of and cleanly tie up and route.   We don’t have the luxury of hair-thin zip ties and other tools available to us for larger wiring projects.  I picked up the LED’s from HDA Modelworx and with a lot of hand holding from TCS tech support I eventually got it done.  You can see a demo. clip of the finished result HERE.