Welcome to the New Look!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over five years since I first set up the Lancemindheim.com site.   Done initially simply as a creative outlet,  I’ve been surprised at the volume of traffic that has built up.  Tracking the page landings with Google Analytics I’ve also been surprised which pages garnered the most attention.  The blog page exceeded that of any other page by a factor of five.

Originally the site was built with an old Microsoft web builder called Front Page.  Front page served me well but it has been sunset by all of the hosting companies and it’s capabilities were limited.  One common frustration among my blog readers was that the old format wasn’t really searchable.  By switching the site over to the Word Press platform that issue has been addressed.  In addition it was becoming apparent on my end that the site had become quite bloated and needed some updating and streamlining.

In the months ahead I’ll be transferring content over from the old site to the “Help” and “Blog” pages and ask for your patience as I work on this time consuming task.   I also plan to add a tab for RSS subscriptions, another common request among readers.