COD Seafood

The completed COD Seafood structure model on East Rail 2.

Sitting at the entrance to the real East Rail industrial is the COD Seafood Restaurant. How they came up with that name I have no clue. When I fly into Miami, I grab a rental car, make the short drive up 37th Avenue, and grab a bite there. When you sit down it becomes apparent that the staff doesn’t speak English or, more likely, gives visiting gringos the distinct impression that they don’t, even though they know perfectly well what you’re saying. They have menus but I don’t know why. They size you up, have a brief staff meeting and then decide what you really need. The end result is one of the best breakfasts you’ll ever eat chased with Cuban coffee.

Back in 2008 I pulled into the parking lot only to find that the local had arrived just before me. Breakfast would have to wait as I started taking shots. After about twenty minutes a dude in pressed khakis and a polo shirt came out and started giving me the hairy eyeball. Minute by minute he became more agitated and eventually pressed me about what the hell I was doing taking pictures in front of his restaurant. I told him. “Oh, I thought you we’re from the IRS! I’m so embarrassed”. He introduced himself as Reuben, apologized profusely, grabbed my arm, pulled me inside and plopped me at the counter. “Breakfast is on me. Now…eat!”

With all of that backstory I had to have a model of it on the layout. It’s now done and the core of the layout is pretty much finished.

The local switches Sentry Industries in 2008. COD is to the left.

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