OMNI Transload – East Rail 2

OMNI Transload, a logistics warehouse, is the latest addition to my new East Rail 2 layout.

Because logistics warehouses offer a lot of operational potential in a limited amount of space, they make ideal candidates for smaller layouts. On my original incarnation of East Rail I had two steel warehouses sitting on the banks of the canal. Although I was happy with their look, they really weren’t that plausible for a South Florida scene where most of the warehouses are made of block and stucco to withstand hurricanes. The new layout offers an opportunity to fix small details like this.

In the real world the OMNI warehouses are served by the FEC and located a mile or so away from East Rail. I took some artistic license and used them for inspiration anyway. Shown above is their facility at the IRIS crossing. Since I didn’t have 90 degree front view shots of this particular location, I used similar looking warehouses that I had better photos of.

I’ve put the photo wallpaper file in the “How To” section if anybody wants to make their own version. Print the image out at 2 3/4″ tall.