Downtown Spur Op. Session

There is probably no person on earth that knows the nitty gritty details of CSX operations in Miami more than Tolga Erbora. It was a pleasure to have him run a one person operation session of the layout during the Mid-Atlantic RPM open house. He documented everything on video which you can watch HERE. His […]

The Caricature Pendulum

In August I wrote about the caricature trap, caricature being a treatment that has an “amped up”, contrived, “model railroady” look to it. There’s no shame in that… long as it’s intentional….as long as it something you enjoy looking at. Often though it’s not intentional, and that’s where it’s time to take a pause and […]

East Rail at Halftime

Labor Day weekend say the installation of East Rail 2’s trailer park. With that addition, the major features of the first half of the layout (right side of the L shaped bench work) are now in place. I’ll spend a few months puttering with details before moving to the remaining half. The mobile homes are […]

The Problem Child

Your switch list looks easy enough, just switch one industry, a logistics warehouse in Miami’s East Rail industrial park. Three cars are spotted there and you have three incoming loads. Pull three cars, set them aside, spot the incomings, job done right? Well, sometimes. In the real world there’s the way things should “go” and […]

Dogs and Tennis Balls

Most modern industrial parks only have a few industries. Of those, typically the same one or two are consistently worked on a weekly basis. Take a golden retriever or German shepherd to the park and fling a tennis ball across the field and you will have one ecstatic dog.  They’ll chase that slobbery sphere endlessly […]