National Cold Storage – Final

The National Cold Storage structure is now complete and on the layout. That wraps up the big projects that I’ll focus on this year as I move towards detailing and tuning what I’ve done thus far.

National Cold Storage 10/13/19

Next up are the distinctive cigar band banners. The artwork was created in MS Word using a dark gray background (as opposed to black). I set my HP printer on “Other Glossy Inkjet Papers” and ran MicroMark white decal paper through. I did this mid-week and allowed it to dry until the weekend. A few…

National Cold Storage Oct. 5

Painting the structure gives a better sense for what it will look like. First, the roof was painted, weathered, and masked off. Next up was a base coat of Rustoleum Light Gray primer. Finally, I dusted on a very pale gray. Next on the list is creating the artwork for the distinctive cigar band banner…

National Cold Storage 9/22

More work this weekend on NCS. Finished roughing out the Atlas Middlesex structure on the right. Added an elevator shaft and smokestack. Added Tichy architectural details.

National Cold Storage 9/14

The primary center structure of National Cold Storage is fairly straightforward to build being essentially an exercise in creating a sheet and strip styrene cube. I have to give some more thought to what I want to do with the shorter brick structures that flank it on each side. In the mock up it’s taking…