Kicking off 2020

With the holidays and some work travel behind me, it’s time to get back to modeling. The Brooklyn Terminal layout achieved critical mass last year and came together enough that the final vision was more apparent. There are six more hand laid turnouts to be done which will be my main focus in the upcoming…

Detailing the Shoreline

This week I detailed the shoreline. First up was adding the high tide “stain” which was done by carefully masking things off with damp paper towels and lightly airbrushing on Model Master “sand”. Next up I used the same dampened paper towel technique to add static grass at the top of the embankment and between…

2am, August 24, 1943. First Avenue. Brooklyn, NY. Shot with an iPhone 6sPlus under halogen track lighting. Edited with Helicon Focus and Adobe PSE.

Rukert Terminals

Using this interesting prototype structure on 54th Street in Brooklyn for inspiration, a lot of photoshop work, and a logo I found on the web I was able to cobble together a freelance “Rukert Terminals” structure for the layout.

National Cold Storage – Final

The National Cold Storage structure is now complete and on the layout. That wraps up the big projects that I’ll focus on this year as I move towards detailing and tuning what I’ve done thus far.