Brooklyn Terminal Feb. 16

With the PC ties in place and the rail sections fabricated, it’s time to start building the turnouts. The first step is to tin the bottom of the rails. You can see me doing this with the section clamped in the parts holder. Once that’s done, I then solder the pieces onto the PC ties….

Brooklyn Terminal Feb. 8

With the turnout rail pieces fashioned, the next step is to prepare the PC ties (they’re used to hold the rail in position). In all other locations traditional wood ties will be used. Printed circuit board is much thinner than flex track or wood ties and the height differential is a bit of a pain…

Brooklyn Terminal Overall Photos February 2020

I realized I haven’t really posted any overall, “non-art” shots of the layout. Here’s what it looks like as of today.

Brooklyn Terminal February 2/2/20

After a holiday break it’s back to work on the Brooklyn Terminal. Currently on the docket is fabricating three of the remaining six code 40 turnouts. The first step is cutting and filing the individual rail pieces. I do this by lightly clamping them in a small hobby vise. There isn’t much material with code…

Kicking off 2020

With the holidays and some work travel behind me, it’s time to get back to modeling. The Brooklyn Terminal layout achieved critical mass last year and came together enough that the final vision was more apparent. There are six more hand laid turnouts to be done which will be my main focus in the upcoming…