Walking The Tracks

This scene was shot on the layout from 14th Avenue facing eastward down the tracks with my iPhone 6sPlus. Man that thing has a damn good camera on it when it comes to model photography. I also tried getting this shot using the iPhone13. As I moved the focal points, it kept jumping among the…

Jesus Saves South Appliances!

Sadly, not even Jesus, or Allah, or any other deity for that matter could save South Appliances, once located at 1395 22nd Street, NW in Miami. It went belly up sometime in ’07. Located adjacent to the Downtown Spur at the corner of 14th Avenue and 22nd Street two things made it unique. First was…

Alvarez Pallets

The eastern end of The Downtown Spur runs through a district of small produce related businesses. Especially in the mid-morning hours, you’ll see a hornet’s nest of forklifts buzzing in and out of them. Where you see produce companies you’ll find small business dealing in new and used pallets supplying them. Miguel Alvarez and Co….

Capturing What We See

To create model photos that resemble what the human eye sees in the real world, we need a camera with a focal length and lens position that matches that of our eyes. The above photo was taken on my Downtown Spur layout using a recently purchased used iPhone 6sPlus. We’ve all had the experience of…

Northbound Tri-Rail

Having left the airport station, and crossed the Miami River, a northbound Tri-Rail train passes my recently completed Miami Jai-Alai fronton structure. Shot with Canon Rebel. Edited with Helicon Focus, Corel Knockout, and Adobe Photoshop.